Money Tree Riddle


A good friend asked me for a money tree.

I am a nice guy so I took him by the hand and walked him to the garden shop. Asked the store owner to give my friend my usual deal. He went into his secret room and brought out a bag of seeds. I took 100 seeds from him and handed to my friend. Each seed cost $1.

I then took my friend to a section of land and planted the first seed for him. I showed him how to dig the hole. How to position the seed, how to cover it and where to put the shade. I also gave him instructions on when to bring water.

I also told him that each of these seeds would grow 1 tree producing a total of $200 each month.

Then I left the country. Upon my return after 1 year, How much money did my friend collect from his money tree?

Correctly answer this and win $50 towards a months membership in my cruise club. See details for membership here.

Answer in next post one week from today entitled answer to money tree riddle




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